Surftech x AIPA Featured on Boardsport Source

15th Nov 2022

Check out Surftech x AIPA amazing line up here: last year’s news of iconic surf brand AIPA partnering with Surftech to launch a line of … read more

Bark Prone Downwind Canary Islands

Posted by Kerry Powell on 19th May 2020

Stunning footage of 26km Downwind from Judit Verges @aaloooha, David Buil @david.buil and Carlos Alonso @carlosalonsoruiz. Spanish team riders practicing prone on their Bark paddle boards.Check out th … read more

Bill Stewart Explains Surfboard Designs

7th Oct 2019

Oct 7th 2019The Stewart Hydro HullBill says this is the "best longboard" he's ever designed. Historically, the Hydro Hull has been Bill's top selling board worldwide. This next generation Hydro Hull h … read more
Introducing Gerry Lopez Surfboards

Introducing Gerry Lopez Surfboards

31st Jul 2019

Jul 31st 2019The New Gerry Lopez x Surtech line combines Gerry's Classic Shapes and Styles with Today's Modern Technology and Performance. The Pocket RocketPOCKET ROCKET // For Indo, Hawaii, or anyw … read more