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Gerry Lopez Surfboards plus technology - epoxy surfboards

The Art of Technology

Our Story begins in 1989 with a quest to build a lighter and much more durable surfboards. After a lot of testing, what would become the now world famous Tuflite was perfected. Today we make boards for most of the best shapers, brands and athletes in the world. These brands include Haydenshapes, Walden, Gerry Lopez, DMS, NSP, Dick Brewer, Channel Islands, Donald Takayama, Stewart, Mickey Munoz, Robert August (Endless Summer fame), Sharp Eye and of course Surftech. Recently we introduced several new technologies called Injection-Tech, Fusion Dual-Core, Fusion-E2, Coco Mat, Coco Flax, Pro Tech and two new Softop constructions.

Around 2000, Hawaiian watermen started exploring ways to stay fit between swells. This activity would become Stand-Up Paddling or “SUP”. Surftech became the first commercially available SUP board brand available to the general public. Today, Stand Up Paddle boards have evolved to become technical equipment made for Touring, SUP Surfing, Racing, Fishing, Women and All-Around recreational usage. The Women’s designed “Aleka” collaboration with Prana Clothing won both 2018 Outside Magazine “Gear of the Year” award as well as the SUP Connect “Grade A” awards. We offer many different Inflatable designs that make storage and transportation easier. Working with world leading designers like Joe Bark and Jeff Clark, Surftech continues to push the boundaries of performance and durability. Our Bark designed Prone boards and NSP and Bark SUP Race boards are known the world over.

Today, we continue to push the technical limits of materials and constructions. Many top athletes such as Shaun Thompson, Dane Gudauskas, Filipe Toledo, Jeff Clark, SUP Athletes like Titouan Puyo and Travis Grant, all use and endorse these products.

Both Surftech and NSP products use sustainable “GreenPoxy” and other sustainable materials such as Bloom Foam and Coco Flax in many of their models. This effort has been awarded the much sought-after approval from industry watch dog organization “Sustainable Surf”.

All our boards also utilize the latest and most advanced fin systems and boxes from both FCS and Futures and carry a One Year Warranty.

We build what others can only dream of and we were the first to do it!

surftech 30th anniversary

Manufacturing fun for 30 years. Since ‘89, we have worked relentlessly to utilize new technologies to build boards for the best shapers on the planet. Surftech has the most impressive portfolio of world renowned shapers in the industry, and most recently are proud to welcome Gerry Lopez, Haydenshapes, Walden, and DMS to the Surftech family. Welcome to the future of board building and technologies.